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Do What You Do Best. Let RealTime Do the Rest.

At RealTime Services, we provide you with a one-stop shop of flexible, all-inclusive payroll administration services specifically tailored to meet the needs of your staffing company. Our goal is to provide seamless back-office support so you can focus entirely on what’s important – like growing your business and gaining a competitive edge.

Unique in the staffing industry for providing 100% payroll funding, along with comprehensive PEO services (including workers’ compensation insurance), RealTime Services essentially gives our clients access to unlimited working capital.

Choose from the following comprehensive payroll outsourcing services to meet the objectives of your staffing company.

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Payroll Funding

If you require 100% advance rate payroll funding, then Payroll Funding is the perfect payroll outsourcing services program for your staffing company.

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RealSure: 100% Advance Rate Payroll Funding and PEO Services

Our most comprehensive bundling solution for payroll outsourcing services, RealSure features 100% advance rate payroll funding and processing with workers’ compensation insurance and a full suite of PEO services. These include HR compliance and support, unemployment claims management, employee benefits compliance and administration, and more.

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RealSure Medical: Exclusive Payroll Outsourcing Services for the Medical Staffing Industry

Designed exclusively for the per diem medical staffing industry, RealSure Medical is a comprehensive payroll outsourcing services program that offers 100% advance rate payroll funding and processing, workers’ compensation insurance, a full suite of PEO services and proprietary medical staffing software, RealStaff.

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RealTime PEO

Our RealTime PEO program offers your company payroll processing and a full suite of PEO services.

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Payroll Processing

For company payroll processing and tax reporting, our payroll processing program is ideal for your business.

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Never leave your team waiting for payment again. Push payouts to employees and give them access to their earnings any day, any time, in seconds with NstantPay.

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