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Boost the Growth of Your Business with RealSure Medical

Designed exclusively for the per diem medical staffing industry, RealSure Medical offers 100% advance rate medical staffing payroll funding and processing, as well as workers’ compensation insurance, a full suite of PEO services, and RealStaff, our proprietary medical staffing software.

With RealSure Medical, your staffing company can focus on selling and servicing. Our expert team of specialists will do all the rest!

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RealSure Medical: Fastest Way to Improve Your Bottom Line

With RealSure Medical, you no longer have to put up with the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors. As a single provider, we offer your medical staffing business a one-stop shop at one affordable rate. Unprecedented in the medical staffing industry, RealSure Medical dramatically cuts your costs and enables your staffing company to focus entirely on growing your business.

With RealSure Medical, you eliminate the need to spend valuable time and money hiring additional staff or outside consultants to administer all these various programs. We’ll take care of every last detail for you.

RealSure Medical Provides Immediate Wage Access for Employees

RealSure Medical offers NstantPay, the leading Wage Access platform that gives employees access to their earnings immediately after each approved shift worked and helps you recruit and retain talent.

With NstantPay, you help your workforce minimize the stress of daily finances, so they can focus on the job at hand. After approval, employees instantly have 100% of their net earnings available.

Focus on Your Business. Let Us Do Everything Else.

Explore all the advantages RealSure Medical provides your staffing company, and you’ll see why it’s the perfect option for your growing medical staffing business:

  • Full Service Payroll Funding and Processing
  • 100% Advance Rate
  • Back-Office Administration
  • Payroll Tax Reporting
  • NstantPay
  • Invoicing and Collection Assistance
  • HR Compliance and Support

Additional Benefits of RealSure Medical

With RealSure Medical, your staffing company will also enjoy additional benefits such as:

  • EPL Insurance
  • No Deposit, No Annual Audit Workers’ Compensation by A Rated Carrier
  • Risk Management, Mitigation and Compliance
  • Unemployment Claims Management
  • Employee Benefits Compliance and Administration
  • Payroll Software Specifically for the Per Diem Medical Staffing Industry
  • Accounting Services

Bottom line: RealSure Medical greatly simplifies the management of your staffing company. Our team members are committed to your success. Contact a specialist at RealTime Services today to get started with RealSure Medical.


  • What are the advantages of RealSure Medical for the medical staffing industry?

    RealSure Medical provides 100% medical staff payroll funding and comprehensive PEO services such as workers’ compensation for the per diem medical staffing industry. Schedule your free analysis today!

  • How will RealSure Medical improve my bottom line?

    With RealSure Medical, we’ll take care of everything for you. You can focus exclusively on building revenue and recruiting talent. We’ll do the rest!

  • How do I get started with RealSure Medical?

    Simply schedule a free analysis with RealTime Services today. Our expert team of specialists will show you how RealSure Medical will dramatically cut your costs and enable you to focus entirely on growing your business.